The California Interessengruppe für die FIGU Mission is a group of individuals who meet every month in the San Francisco Bay Area to participate in the worldwide Salome Peace Meditation together and to study the "Geisteslehre", which is the spiritual teaching, the teaching of the Truth, the teaching of the Spirit, the teaching of the Life.

This teaching, which we have found to be the greatest source of truth and knowledge on Earth, originated from the Nokodemion spirit-form lineage around 9.6 billion years ago, and was brought to Earth by Henoch (Enoch, Henok) over 387,000 years ago.

This teaching is currently written once again in the form of books by Billy Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM), who is the seventh and last prophet of the Nokodemion spirit-form lineage born on Earth with the mission of bringing the teaching of truth to the human beings of Earth for the seventh and last time.

Billy (BEAM) is a Swiss citizen who has been in contact with a more advanced extraterrestrial civilization, the Plejaren, since he was 5 years old. These extraterrestrials have been assisting Billy Meier in his difficult task of writing the spiritual teaching to be distributed to all humans of all races around the world.

The teaching fundamentally expresses the liberation of the human mind from all kinds of religions, cults and the worshiping of a God or gods, and teaches the return to the recognition of Creation, the ultimate neutral universal consciousness that created the universe and everything within it.

It does not act on behalf of humans, it only creates the natural laws of the universe, the laws of cause and effect, time and space, etc. The human, a creation of Creation, is completely free to discover the laws of Creation, which are the laws of nature, and the Creational recommendations, which are guidelines to apply and live by in order to learn to achieve living with love, peace, harmony, wisdom, knowledge, and freedom.

Following the Creational recommendations ensure that the the path is paved for the human to prosperously grow, learn, and evolve in order to fulfill Creation's idea of evolution: for the human to evolve in consciousness to the highest form to eventually merge and become one with the Creation.

The human bears complete self-responsibility for learning the laws and recommendations of nature and to apply them to all things in life.

The return to the Creational laws and recommendations is the manifesto of this group, which is a supporting group of the main organization in Switzerland: FIGU.

The acronym "FIGU" stands for “Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz-und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien” - translated from German into English as “Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies”.

FIGU, a non-profit organization, was founded by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier in 1975 in order to preserve and distribute the Spirit Teaching to the people of Earth.

The spirit teaching emphasizes that it, as well as any other philosophy, should not be believed with blind-faith like a cult religion, but that everything should be studied and verified by each individual themselves, and that each person must discover the truth for themselves and be his/her own philosopher, sage, and guru, and not depend only on the guidance of others, because through the might of each individual persons thoughts, his/her entire life and destiny is created. 

In the spring of 1984, FIGU members in Switzerland began meditating with the PEACE MEDITATION.

Organized by our extraterrestrial friends, the Plejaren, this peace meditation was intended to initiate a turn for the better in the terrestrial humankind's future.

The intent was that through the emission of powerful and logical impulses, a positive polarity can be forged to counteract the negative "force field" surrounding the Earth much like a huge bell, which influences the terrestrial population and all nature.

This negative force field was established, and continues to be entrenched, by several centuries of religious-sectarian, extremist and deteriorated terrestrial human thinking.

To reverse this negative energy, therefore, the concept has been to produce dynamic "counter impulses,” by the people of Earth performing the peace meditation together with over 3.5 billion extraterrestrial humans within the Plejaren federation.

Every rational responsible person is called upon to perform the peace meditation since terrestrial humankind, for better or for worse, is accountable for its own condition as well as for that of the planet, and it is accountable also for the healing process.

The more people who become involved, the greater and more powerful will be the positive-neutral force! While we do not wish to trigger or put any fear into people: threats of World War III and other disasters have not been eliminated.